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Trials, Previews, Consultations – Oh My!

What are bridal makeup and hair trials and why do you need them?

What is a bridal trial?

Makeup and hair trials can be called many things trials, previews, consultations, there are probably a few names I haven’t even heard of before! For the sake of this article let’s call them trials… so what are they? Bridal trials are appointments before your wedding date, they include the services you are booking and are intended for you to preview the look you want on your wedding day. You can think of these appointments as dress fittings, ensuring that everything is suiting you right.

Do you need to have your wedding day booked in order to schedule a trial?

This is a loaded question, while there is no wrong or right answer, it comes down to the preference of the artist. Both the bride and artist should feel confident that they are a good match, sometimes it is easiest to get that reassurance face to face. I always urge brides to be to do their research when choosing an artist. Look at their website and social media pages, these days it is very easy to form an opinion about someone based on their online presence. Instagram is more than just a portfolio; you can get a sense of their style and personality in stories or reels. Phone calls are typically free and are also a great way to ask your preliminary questions and get to know your artist. The trial appointment should not feel like the first round of an interview.

While many artists do require wedding books before a trial appoint, I do not. I do however offer a credit on your final invoice of $30 per service when booked together with your wedding day.

How long are trial appointments?

Trial appointments are the lengthiest appointments I offer. Not only do I create a full bridal look for you, I am also chatting with you and asking lots of questions about your preferences. I typically book 2 hours per service for a trial and 3-4 hours for trials that are both hair and makeup.

Does my wedding hair and makeup need to be the same look we did during the trial?

No, trials are intended for you to TRY the look. If you are deciding between an updo or waves, full glam or soft glam, or something as simple as your lip color, this is the time to try it out. It is best to let your artist know if you decide to go in a different direction with your look so they are prepared on the wedding day. Artists may also have recommendations for you based on how your skin or hair behaved during the trial. If you want to try another look most artists will ask you to book a second trial appointment.

How do I prep for trials?

Please come prepared with 3 inspiration photos, as well as any examples of times you have not liked your makeup or hair. Wear a dressy white top! It may feel silly but it really makes a huge difference. When you see your final look, it will be very difficult to imagine the look as it will feel on your wedding day. It is hard to feel bridal in sweats, and you are likely going to feel overdone. Book your trial with wear time after. I want to make sure you have enough time to see if your skin gets oily or your curls fall.

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