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5 Questions You Should Ask Your Makeup Artist + My Answers

Choosing a makeup artist can be tricky, there are so many out there that do great work! These questions will help you go a step further in getting to know your artist and how they work. The answers you get should provide you with the information you need to help make your decision.

1. What is included in your makeup rate? Are there any additional costs?

By the time you get to a conversation or trial with your artist you should have received and reviewed a price sheet. However, not all pricing guides are created equally and it is your responsibility to understand what you are getting and what you will need to pay extra for. Asking your artist this question verbally will also give you an idea of how transparent they are.

My Answer: It is my goal to produce top quality results that look beautiful, flattering and are custom tailored to your needs. Additionally, I take every measure possible to keep your makeup lasting all day. To achieve this, bridal makeup applications include luxury skin prep, undereye masks, individual eyelashes, and a touch up kit. For standard makeup applications for your bridal party these are additional.

2. Can you travel to my location? What is involved in travel, anything I should consider?

It is important to specify the getting ready location and double check that it is doable for your artist. Additionally, it is important to have an idea of the ready by time and total amount of services requested.

My Answer: I am happy to travel to any location you choose! When choosing your getting ready location, please be mindful of how many people will need to be in the space including an area to accommodate your artist. My travel fee is calculated by the distance from my home, plus any tolls and parking fees. Because some locations close to me can take upwards of an hour to get to, a standard flat rate of $50 is automatically charged. Any miles over 50 are charged at a $1/mile rate. For safety, any destination 200 miles away, or more, requires accommodations to be provided the night before the event. If the start time requires the artist to be on the road before 5 am, accommodations are required the night before the event. This applies to all artists traveling to your wedding.

3. What happens in case of emergency on my wedding day?

Unfortunately, you need to be prepared for everything, especially now factoring in COVID. You should be aware of what your artist does in case of emergencies that delay or prevent them from performing services on your wedding day.

My Answer: It is my promise to do everything within my abilities to perform your wedding services. However, incase of serious illness, injury, or other unforeseen circumstances I will work hard to replace myself with an artist of equal abilities and style. Luckily, I have many connections in the industry and feel confident I can replace myself even if it is short notice. If I cannot replace myself, I will refund any amount paid, including the retainer.

4. How do you clean your products and tools?

Before you ask this question, I recommend doing your own research so you know what you want to get as an answer.

My Answer: Every person that receives a makeup application will get their own set of deeply cleaned brushes. I do not spot clean any brushes to use on multiple clients. All brushes and tools are sanitized and hand washed to ensure all product is removed between applications. Disposable sponges, lip wands, and mascara wands are always used to ensure there is no double dipping. All cream, liquid, or loose powder products are transferred from their packaging to a sanitized palette. Pressed powders are sprayed with 70% isopropyl alcohol to sanitize between every client.

I am fully vaccinated for COVID-19. I will not work if I present with COVID-19 symptoms/test positive for COVID-19. It is my guarantee that I test regularly and will wear a mask when requested by the client.

5. How do you approach *specific concern*?

I find this question to be more valuable than “have you worked with…” Anyone can say yes or no, but it is better to see if the artist’s approach aligns with your feelings on the concern. Some typical concerns may relate to your skin type and texture, skin tone, non-transferrable skin concerns such as eczema, rosacea, acne, sunburn, or others such as scarring, tattoo cover, mature skin… the list goes on! You could even ask how your artist handles a potentially difficult mother in-law to be (ha!)

My Answer for this, of course, varies based on the concern!

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