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  • Eve Friedman

Airbrush Makeup, Is It Really Worth It?

Is airbrushing worth it? Some pros say yes, others say no… In the end it is truly a matter of preference. So, let’s break it down.

What is Airbrushed Makeup?

Airbrushed makeup is makeup applied by using compressed air to mist the product on. Artists can choose to use water-based or silicone-based makeup. Some products are specifically designed and sold as airbrush makeup; however, you can also use traditional foundations through an airbrush gun when thinned down. Similarly, some artists may choose to apply an airbrush foundation in a traditional application.

Why is airbrushed makeup more expensive?

Costs typically go up for airbrush makeup because of the amount of money artists need to invest to buy the airbrush gun, compressor, cleaning products and makeup products. It’s also important to mention that airbrushing is a skill, artists need to learn and practice how to airbrush properly.

Does airbrushed makeup perform better?

In today’s age, makeup products and tools have gotten so good that you can achieve a flawless finish with or without an airbrush. The final look will come down to the artists skill level in either application type. There are a lot of claims about airbrushing being waterproof and longer lasting than traditional makeup. Silicone-based makeup is known for its long wearing and waterproofing abilities. The silicone sits on top of your skin, helping to prevent oil from coming through and breaking down the makeup. This is true for both traditionally applied and airbrushed makeup.

Does airbrushed makeup look more natural?

If you have read this far, this answer won’t shock you. No, airbrush makeup does not look more natural. While you can achieve a very light layer of makeup with the pass of an airbrush gun, you can also achieve this with traditional tools. If you are on the hunt for a natural makeup look and feel, you should be seeking out makeup artists that specialize in and prefer applying natural styled makeups.

Do you offer airbrush?

At the moment I do not offer airbrush makeup services.

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